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Applies to immersion in a fluid for a definate period of time. It is usually expressed as a per cent of the weight of the dry pipe.

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Plumbing Tutorials

Tutorial 2: Replace a Toilet

toiletReplacing a toilet is a fairly simple project but many things can go wrong. The toilet you purchase may not fit, plumbing below the existing toilet could be damaged, or you could cause water damage during the swap out. Follow this lesson and you will be on your way to becoming a plumbing expert.

In this tutorial I will replace an existing water closet with a new fixture and I will try to cover all the things to watch out for, steps to complete, and proper project set up. Hopefully you will find it useful. If you do please let us know.
Some other related tutorials we have created that you may like, are repairing a damaged closet flange, toilet flange installation on concrete and replacing a water inlet valve on a toilet.

Tutorial 1: Toilet flange installation on concrete

Sioux Chief Closet Flange  Installation or repair of a closet flange or its attached plumbing system can be tricky and when adding concrete to the equation it just complicates things even more. This tutorial will walk you through installation of a closet flange on a concrete surface. Future tutorials will show rough in installation on a wood surface, repair of a damaged flange, installation of a toilet, and many more residential plumbing tutorials.


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Maintain Sink Drains As a precaution every six months to a year. Go around to all the sinks in the home and tighten all the slip joint nuts on the drains.