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A colorless gaseous hydrocarbon HC=CH made especially by the action of water on calcium carbide. Used for illuminating and in welding and soldering.

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 Welcome to our Plumbing Help Area.  You should be able to find information, photos and videos to aid you in assessing your plumbing issue.This will give you a much better idea what to expect from a plumbing service call if needed.

First off we should mention that that all data found on PlumbingConsultation.Com is strictly for informational purposes and is not a substitute for real training or a licensed plumber. With that said if you are thinking about starting or have started a plumbing project we can not be held liable for damages, injury or death from plumbing repaired or installed by homeowners,tenants, service technicians or anyone attempting the plumbing repair or installation.

The information is provided in an easy to browse layout with categories and subcategories. If your plumbing issue is toilet related then you can go to the Bathroom section then to the Toilet subsection and browse the repair and installation tutorials. Data is provided in Text, Photos, Videos, Drawings and relevant Offsite Links.

Below you can find all the Categories and Subcategories.

Plumbing Drainage System

Plumbing Vent System

Plumbing Water System 

Hot Water Plumbing System

Cold Water Plumbing System

Water Supply


Plumbing Fixtures

Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures


Bathtub Valve


Bidet Valve

Lavatory Sink

Lavatory Faucet


Shower Valve


Toilet Tank

Water Inlet Valve
Toilet Tank Lever
Toilet Flush Valve

Toilet Bowls

Toilet Tank Lids

Toilet Seats

Water Closet Flange

Learn how to install a toilet flange on a concrete surface. Here

Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures

Kitchen Sink

Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Sink Water Filter

Hot Water Dispencer

Sink Basket Strainers

Lotion and Soap Dispencers


Ice Maker

Pot Filler


Hot Water Tank


Floor Drains

Water Filters


Plumbing Plumbing Tips

Hot Tank Maintenance Draining and flushing of your hot water tank once a year can increase the life of the tank and provide you with cleaner hot water. The exact procedure can be found in our Plumbing Information area.